At Blue Key Property Group, we understand your needs as an investor. As real estate investors ourselves, with many units, the team at Blue Key Property Group can help to preserve and maximize your investment throughout your property’s lifecycle. When you work with Blue Key Property Group, you have access to top industry knowledge in both property management and real estate investing.

At Blue Key Property Group, our main goal is to provide full-service investment and property management. Our service-first approach is complemented by our robust team of highly-trained professionals. As the leading team in the Connecticut area, we put our expertise to work for you.

We want to be on your team from the very beginning

What sets us apart at Blue Key Property Group is our commitment to not only your property but also your investment journey. Our team has extensive experience in all forms of property investing including residential, commercial and multi-family complexes.

Our highly tailored and personalized services help to ensure you are making smart investment moves.

Through our Investors Program, we help to build your investment strategy and portfolio from the very beginning. With our personalized service, you can rest assured that your investment decisions are backed by experienced professionals with industry knowledge.

Our service focus is active management

As your property manager, we work hard to ensure a return on your investment. We strive to maximize value for our owners while simultaneously providing an exceptional living experience for your tenants.

We take a proactive approach when it comes to property management so you can trust that your property’s needs are proactively addressed and maintained.

We go above and beyond for all of our properties including top industry services such as expense management, reliable maintenance and providing top-tier customer service.

Expert advice you can trust

When you work with Blue Key Property Group, you work with a group of investing experts including a mortgage specialist, real estate broker, property inspector, full-time project manager, Chartered Professional Accountant and insurance agent. As your team of investment management experts, your return on investment is our top priority.

Unparalleled strategic insight

All of our client relationships begin with an in-depth discussion about your investment strategies and property goals. From there, we create a comprehensive analysis and strategy to help you achieve your goals and find amazing returns on your property.

With this integrated process, we help you to effectively manage your property and hone in on further investment opportunities. We work with our clients to ensure they stay ahead of market trends as they shift and change!

Meet the Team

Alex Ilchenko Owner/Investor

I started Blue Key Property Group in 2019 when I purchased an 8-unit property off market. Prior to that I had flipped multiple houses. Having a full-time job, I was trying to find a good project manager for my investment property, with no luck.

I realized there was a great need for quality property management in the area. After managing my 8-unit property for 1 year, I realized how lucrative real estate could be and I knew I wanted to expand, so I built the best team I possibly could. Today, my team consists of an attorney specializing in real estate, multiple brokers and agents, lenders, home inspectors, full-time project managers/handymen, a bookkeeper, CPA, and insurance agent.

With my team built, in 2020, we purchased a 4-unit property with a buildable lot that we developed into another 4-units. With 12 units, we wanted something bigger and were ready to move into commercial space. With multiple investors, we added another 11-unit mixed use property to our portfolio, totalling 23 units. Our company is built on trust and loyalty. We provide individualized blue ribbon full-service to all our clients who are interested in real estate. We buy, sell, remodel, invest and manage real estate.